Contract Negotiations For Selling Your Home

What Can We Do to Help You with Price and Contract Negotiations for Selling?

All buyers want to pay as little as possible for the home they purchase. Buyers in slower markets are definitely looking to score a bargain and will use contract negotiations to lower your asking price. Our job is to combine services to our sellers that include marketing to improve the competitive position of their homes, to assist our sellers for for price and contract negotiations for selling a home to counter low offers and buyer resistance to fair pricing.

Our process starts at the beginning with the CMAs we do and the price at which we suggest that you list your home after our thorough home evaluation. Starting at the right price for the market with a little room for negotiation combines market specifics with buyer human nature factors. We’re really good at negotiating, as we do it every day. We’re on your side, and our job is to get a combination of the best price and contingencies resolutions for your home.

Contract Negotiations


Should Your Worry About Distressed or Foreclosed Properties Near Your Home?

Many sellers are intimidated when there are distressed properties for sale in the area or foreclosures putting downward pressure on prices. However, there is a difference in selling prices between those homes and seller-occupied homes in good condition. You see, those distressed properties are usually in poor-to-terrible condition. In some cases, they will not even qualify for certain mortgages (and some won’t qualify for any mortgage) without extensive modifications and repairs, and that’s not going to be possible for most buyers.

So, the first thing to remember is that you’re selling a “ready to move in” property, and this commands a higher price. The more “ready to move in” it appears to the buyer on that first walk-through, the better the price you’re going to get. So, we’ll make some suggestions as to landscaping, curb appeal, outdoor and indoor improvements, and possibly even “staging.” Staging is the process of moving, adding to or taking away from furnishings in the home to make it seem more spacious and to allow potential buyers to view it as “their home” in the future.

Contract Negotiations for Selling after Buyer Inspections

Negotiations for Selling Consider the possibility of post-inspection repair requirements by the buyer(s) as well. The time to think about this is from the first offer, as you don’t want to negotiate a purchase price that leaves you little or no room for possible repairs or condition corrections. This single item is the cause for the vast majority of deal failures after a successful initial price negotiation.

Some negotiations are short and sweet, while others can involve multiple counter offers with terms and conditions related not only to price, but also related to closing costs, items included in the sale, settlement dates, partial owner financing and more. Our job as CENTURY 21 Gold agents is to work with our sellers to know their needs and to tailor the negotiation to those requirements to get the best deal for them.